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Cleaning Ceramic Tile Floors

Are you tired of looking at unpleasant tiles and grout and want to make them brand new again? Sunset Cleaning Services has the best solution to accommodate all your cleaning needs. We have years of experience serving Fairfield, CA, and surrounding communities with affordable and top-notch residential and commercial cleaning services. As a leading cleaner, we offer professional tile and grout cleaning services at a fair price. Marble and ceramic tiles are hard surface floors that need experienced handling and maintenance.

At Sunset Cleaning Services, we offer all tile and grout cleaning services in Fairfield, CA. We specialize in cleaning and maintaining slate, marble, and ceramic tiles in residential and commercial properties. Minor pores allow dirt and other microscopic elements to get trapped below the tile surface, and you can’t remove them with regular mopping. They require professional and experienced tile and grout cleaning services. Our sealing process can extend the lifespan of your tile flooring.

Our Tile and Grout Cleaning Process

We start our tile and grout cleaning process with a thorough inspection to identify problems and apply an eco-friendly cleaning solution. Then, to remove dirt and cleaning solution, we spray the floor with hot water several times. After cleaning the floor, we remove dirt and loosen debris using a high suction vacuum. Our grout sealing helps keep the grout color for an extended period. Please don’t wait to call our professionals for fast and effective tile and grout cleaning services in Fairfield, CA.

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